Le Parc

Le Parc scene from the ballet by Angelin Preljocaj , act 1 , with Aurelie Dupont and Laurent Hilaire, via Photographers Direct

By Juliana Araújo

Le Parc is one of the most sublime ballets I’ve ever seen. When I attended  the 100th Anniversary`s Galina Ulanova Gala last year, this piece was one of the biggest surprises of the night, and was danced by Vladimir Malakhov and  Nadja Saidakova.

I had been impressed by it when I saw  Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris`s rehearsals in  the l’ l’espace d’un instant film, and was even more thrilled when I first saw it at the theater.

The piece carries Angelin Preljocaj`s hallmark and his daring sensuality; and I think his  geniality is due to his delicate manner with which he deals with love affairs.

When I saw this commercial being circulated on Facebook today, I could help writing this post here.

The shooting took place in a Maroccan desert, where no special effects were used; but rather, the sky being reflected on a 400 square meters mirror, having Benjamin Millepied and Virginie Caussin as protagonists.

The idea of this advertising campaign is to pass on to the public an idea of efficiency and reliability that Air France can bring, through a love story.

Cheers France!

See below the commercial making off and a short interview given by  Angelin Preljocaj and Benjamin Millepied  about the shooting; and at the bottom of this page, please see a video of  Isabelle Guérin and Laurent Hilaire who have done the original piece.


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