Bravo Roberto!

“Going home to a Milan which now seems as fake as real­ity tv. The one thing  miss­ing to com­plete my jour­ney is to get back into my world and dance for Africa” – Roberto Bolle

Photo: Roberto Bolle and Alessandra Ferri via Oberon

By Juliana Araújo

For those who are unaware, Roberto Bolle is not just a pretty face stamped on Italian fashion magazines. In addition, the étoile dancer of the American Ballet Theatre and Alla Scala of Milan, was nominated goodwill ambassador for UNICEF in 1999 during a gala evening at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome.

In 2006 he visited the Sudan where he participated actively in health and education campaigns having raised over $ 655,000 for education and health in that country.

Photo: Roberto Bolle celebrating the end of this trip to Central African Republic via Io donna

In 2010 he visited the Central African Republic, where the issue of malnutrition was widely explored. At that time. Roberto reported his experiences on the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera “Io donna“.

Photo: Roberto Bolle posing on a tree with some residents of a small village at the Africa Central Rebublic via Io donna

Since then Robert has used his art and fame for a worthy cause. He has supported UNICEF events, taken part in galas, and worked alongside governments to promote the improvement of life and health of children worldwide.

Photo: Roberto Bolle at a primary school at the African Central Republic via Io donna

In his reports, Bolle expects others to follow his example and support the UNICEF work, which has five focus areas: child survival and development, basic education and gender equality, children with HIV/AIDS, child protection policies and advocacy and partnership.

Photo: Roberto Bolle in Sudan via La Repubblica by Sheila McKinnon

For those who do not know, UNICEF has promoted hundreds of events involving dancing in several countries such as MozambiquePalestine and India.

Photo: Roberto Bolle in Sudan via Roberto by Sheila McKinnon

When I see examples like these, I reaffirm my conviction about the transformative power that dance has, and through collective efforts it is possible to believe that the world can be a better place to live.

Click here to access UNICEF’s key publications and here for a quick look at facts and figures about nutrition in the world.

Online donations can be made here..

Roberto Bolle and Alessandra Ferri in the Lady of Camellias


2 thoughts on “Bravo Roberto!

  1. Nobody is like him. I know it but important people, who have money and power in this world, are too engaged into themselves and their frivolous lives. Love can be the keyword. Love towards people, especially suffering from human mistakes. I love you, Roberto! Thanks for your reatness!

    1. I fully agree with you. That`s why I have written this post about him. Someone like Roberto Bolle does not need to prove anything else anymore. At such a young age, he has achieved a great deal. He is at the height is his career. So I have decided to show one side of his that not many people know about, rather than the ballet dancer and the model, which I absolutely love as well. I think it is remarkable what he is doing and people should follow his example. And I think people should be aware of the world problems. As he actually said, life has been too generous to him, so he would like to give back to those in need. Well done.

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