The Recipe for Success

" It is better to be the head of a mouse than the tail of a lion"  Prima ballerina Tamara Rojo was invited to talk about her career at the Daily Dance Dialogue session of the Prix de Lausanne - Edition 2013. She began by talking about how she started her first ballet classes during... Continue Reading →


My Favourite Ballet Picks

Almost every dancer carries something with themselves that will remind them of their love for dance. It can be anything, a lucky charm, a piece of jewelry or even a keyring. And even those who are not connected to the dance world cannot resist the beauty of the items that hit the market that is... Continue Reading →

Chagall’s Ceiling

 “Up there in my painting I wanted to reflect, like a mirror in a bouquet, the dreams and creations of the singers and musicians, to recall the movements of the colourfully attired audience below, and to honour the great opera and ballet composers… Now I offer this work as a gift of gratitude to France... Continue Reading →

Bravo Roberto!

"Going home to a Milan which now seems as fake as real­ity tv. The one thing  miss­ing to com­plete my jour­ney is to get back into my world and dance for Africa" - Roberto Bolle   For those who are unaware, Bolle is not just a pretty face stamped on Italian fashion magazines. In addition, the... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned from Tamara Rojo

To celebrate the centenary of the establishment of Anna Pavlova at Ivy House, in North London, many events have been organised this year. In March, the Ensemble Group organised the Anna Pavlova Gala, which was artistically directed by Wayne Eagling. Other dance events were also organised by the Royal Opera House such as "An Intimate Evening with Anna Pavlova".... Continue Reading →


I have discovered CTRL+ALT+DANÇA during my searches on dance on the Internet. So, I have started following their publications which make me think deeply about dance in Brazil. Following the contemporary line, the site brings us news on events, reviews and essays that give rise to thoughts on the role that dance plays in that country. I... Continue Reading →

Le Parc

Le Parc is one of the most sublime ballets I've ever seen. When I attended  the 100th Anniversary`s Galina Ulanova Gala last year, this piece was one of the biggest surprises of the night, and was danced by Vladimir Malakhov and  Nadja Saidakova. I had been impressed by it when I saw  Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris`s rehearsals in  the l' l’espace d’un instant film, and was even more thrilled when I first saw it at the... Continue Reading →

This Girl Dances…

"A menina dança sozinha por um momento A menina dança sozinha com o vento, com o ar, com o sonho de olhos imensos… A forma grácil de suas pernas ele é que as plasma, o seu par de ar, de vento, o seu par fantasma… Menina de olhos imensos, tu, agora, paras, mas a mão ainda erguida segura ainda no ar o hástil invisível deste poema!" - Mario... Continue Reading →

Ten Things You Should Know About the Carnival

"Tanto riso, oh quanta alegria Mais de mil palhaços no salão Arlequim está chorando pelo amor da Colombina No meio da multidão Foi bom te ver outra vez Tá fazendo um ano Foi no carnaval que passou Eu sou aquele pierrô Que te abraçou Que te beijou, meu amor A mesma máscara negra Que esconde... Continue Reading →