Ballo della Regina

 “Ballo” is a very classical ballet at high speed. Virtuosic steps at full throttle; it’s a very joyful happy, uplifting ballet. The music is so full of energy, it gives you oxygen. It’s a wonderful example of Balanchine being more neoclassical and expanding his dance vocabulary." - Merrill Ashley   On 12 June last, the dancers did... Continue Reading →


Johan Kobborg’s Sylphide

"... La Sylphide choreographed by  August Bournoville is one of the most famous ballets of the Romantic era. Johan Kobborg's production is steeped in the greatest traditions of the  Bournonville style and training of which he himself is an expert exponent." - Monica Mason The  Royal Ballet  of London has included one more gem in its repertory this season: La Sylphide. As part... Continue Reading →

Ten Things You Should Know About the Carnival

"Tanto riso, oh quanta alegria Mais de mil palhaços no salão Arlequim está chorando pelo amor da Colombina No meio da multidão Foi bom te ver outra vez Tá fazendo um ano Foi no carnaval que passou Eu sou aquele pierrô Que te abraçou Que te beijou, meu amor A mesma máscara negra Que esconde... Continue Reading →