Brigitte Lefèvre Retires

"Classical technique is the basis, the foundation, for all our work at  Paris Opera. Through this foundation they go beyond and show that dance is not some dusty old art form but relates to today. I see the art of the dance today."- Brigitte Lefrèvre Having taken over from Patrick Dupont in 1995, Paris Opera dance director... Continue Reading →


Aurélie Dupont About the Dancing Career

"Never forget who you are while doing this magnificent job. Dancers are crafters; it requires huge amounts of work. You must be interested in other forms of art to enrich and inspire you. Respect your partners and those who work with you. Stay humble because you know there is always someone who can be better... Continue Reading →

Aurélie Dupont – From a Petit-Rat to a Great Star

"Beautiful like a star, fresh like a rose,  dedicated like a soldier and strong like a lumberjack" -  l’espace d’un instant She is beautiful and delicate, but when she comes on stage, turns into a real giant. In addition to her impeccable technique Aurélie is also known in her field as a great actress of roles that... Continue Reading →