Le Parc

Le Parc is one of the most sublime ballets I've ever seen. When I attended  the 100th Anniversary`s Galina Ulanova Gala last year, this piece was one of the biggest surprises of the night, and was danced by Vladimir Malakhov and  Nadja Saidakova. I had been impressed by it when I saw  Aurélie Dupont and Manuel Legris`s rehearsals in  the l' l’espace d’un instant film, and was even more thrilled when I first saw it at the... Continue Reading →


Aurélie Dupont – From a Petit-Rat to a Great Star

"Beautiful like a star, fresh like a rose,  dedicated like a soldier and strong like a lumberjack" -  l’espace d’un instant She is beautiful and delicate, but when she comes on stage, turns into a real giant. In addition to her impeccable technique Aurélie is also known in her field as a great actress of roles that... Continue Reading →