Alexei Ratmansky on American and Russian Dancers

 "What I admire about New York City Ballet dancers is their rhythmic complexity. You can see all shades of rhythm in their bodies. With Russians, what you see is a melodic thread in their dancing, an upper-body expressiveness that brings out another side of the work. In ABT, the dancers have a bit of both.... Continue Reading →


Ten Things You Should Know About the Carnival

"Tanto riso, oh quanta alegria Mais de mil palhaços no salão Arlequim está chorando pelo amor da Colombina No meio da multidão Foi bom te ver outra vez Tá fazendo um ano Foi no carnaval que passou Eu sou aquele pierrô Que te abraçou Que te beijou, meu amor A mesma máscara negra Que esconde... Continue Reading →