Brigitte Lefèvre Retires

"Classical technique is the basis, the foundation, for all our work at  Paris Opera. Through this foundation they go beyond and show that dance is not some dusty old art form but relates to today. I see the art of the dance today."- Brigitte Lefrèvre Having taken over from Patrick Dupont in 1995, Paris Opera dance director... Continue Reading →


Anna Pavlova Gala in London

Whenever  I watch a ballet of the classical repertoire, I remain totally amazed. The scenery, the music, the costumes, the pantomime, corps of ballet synchronicity, and the incarnation of the character ... Well, I simply love it all. However, I do get equally amazed when I watch a ballet gala. The beauty of the galas... Continue Reading →

The Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2011/12

In an attempt to make classical ballet more accessible to the general public, the Royal Ballet has decided to shoot live performances from their repertoire and make them available in cinemas throughout the UK as well as overseas. One of the most successful performances shown in the British cinemas was Giselle, with Marianela Nuñez  and Rupert Pennefather in... Continue Reading →